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‘The highest return you will ever get, is from investing in yourself.’


Hi, I’m Africa! I’m a London based Mindset Coach, Speaker, Avid Tea-drinker, and Entrepreneur on a mission to help fiercely ambitious women move away from self-sabotage—so they can confidently create the life they desire.

Here’s the thing; I can already see your excellence, my aim is getting you to acknowledge and OWN it—without getting in your own way, shrinking yourself or downplaying your badassery.

I’m here to support you in rediscovering the inner drive that will allow you to live better, earn better, ditch the negative self-talk you’re clinging onto, follow through with your never-ending to-do’s, and meet yourself on a level you didn’t think was possible.

A level that will blow your entire mind.

I’m widely known for my NO-BS approach to personal and professional development, so if you’re looking for someone who will compassionately challenge you so you can level the f**k up—you’re in the right place!


My Story

In late 2016, I got sober after nearly a decade of destructive drinking and many failed attempts of moderation. Despite not seeing treatment, rehab or therapy as an option at the time, I made a personal commitment to go on a conscious journey of healing and self-discovery.

I began openly sharing my initial struggles and eventual success story – on & offline – and over the course of 3 years, I’ve inspired and built an ever-growing global community of over 30,000+ people. In owning my truth and allowing it to serve others, my healing took an empowering direction I hadn’t expected. This alternative path to recovery is what triggered my fascination with personal growth and wellbeing, and I haven’t looked back since.

My own experiences with self-defeating patterns helped me gain a better understanding of self-sabotage and how it impacts even the most determined and ambitious individuals, especially women. It showed me just how many of us are trapped in our limitations. This clarity pushed me to reclaim my personal power, use my voice to inspire and transform, and gifted me with the confidence to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit I’d been too afraid to claim.

In shifting my mindset and deciding that I was worthy and deserving of inner and outer success - I’ve completely transformed my life, and it’s a lifelong mission of mine to support other brilliant women like you, to do the same. To date, my story and work has reached over 2,500.000+ people worldwide. All of which will never not feel surreal. All of which undeniably proves that change is possible.


Africa has been a catalyst on my journey of self-development. She helped me work through the unhelpful behaviours that were holding me back. Through her guidance I have understood where I may need to get uncomfortable in order to evolve. She has an unstoppable energy and I feel utterly empowered after working with her!

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In addition to having a recognised Life Coaching certification, I’ve extensively studied human psychology, the science of mindset and behavioural patterns, and Jungian philosophy. Although my life experience fuels the purpose-driven nature of my work, I have invested heavily in harnessing my skills professionally to ensure that I’m fully qualified to be of service to you. 

Alongside coaching, I serve as a consultant for small service-based businesses, premium brands, and high-profile change-makers. I have years of experience working as a Paid Social Planner on multi-million-pound accounts for two of the largest media agencies in the world (MediaCom & OMD EMEA). The clients and vendors I worked closely with in this field include; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Levi’s, Girl Effect, Universal, Sony Pictures, Footlocker, Vogue, FedEx, LinkedIn, and Hasbro.

I’m Founder and owner of The Cherry Revolution (Award Nominated Non-profit organisation that aims to break societal norms surrounding women, identity and sexuality by making shameless pleasure a priority) & Discovery Dive (Holistic personal and professional development coaching company - where mindset meets strategy) - both London, UK based - operating globally.


I cannot name a time, when working with Africa—that some new part of my mind and heart has not been opened. She has gifted me the knowledge to live a more aware and informed day-to-day life, a life free from self sabotage and damning core beliefs.