#001 Creation

Every action requires that first step, for me this is just one of many to come. For a long time I've found myself feeling discontented and constantly dissatisfied, unable to understand why I behaved or reacted the way I do, baffled by my own being. These confusions are part of a bigger picture which I will soon paint, but bottom line is, today I choose to embrace the woman I am becoming, I choose to nurture and value the vulnerable girl inside. I made the decision to take charge of my existence, to live a full life with no vapid interruptions. I am nowhere near perfection nor seeking it, I am simply looking to attain personal freedom. 

I have always found comfort in writing, art, and everything music. As I got older I gradually shelved all those things, deciding it best not to give myself a title or commit to anything (enter commitment issues #2), this was all driven by fear and low self-esteem, disguised as protection from failure. I started to find false comfort and confidence in other things, mainly vices that deterred me even further. The realisation that none of these temporary joys were serving me, brings me here.

I want to unearth the creative girl I once knew. I want to track my journey through this life, and collect all evidence, of which I will share with those open to receiving.