1:1 Coaching

on & offline | local & international

In choosing a one-on-one approach with me, you will get a coaching strategy tailored to your needs and desires. Instead of fulfilling a common goal, you have the option to choose for yourself what to work toward. I will then make the appropriate recommendations and guide you through the ideal program to get you to where you want to be.

Our one-on-one sessions will typically be done via audio or video call (higher level programs have an additional in-person element). These calls will happen regularly and the structure will depend on the program we’re working through. Your one-on-one coaching sessions with me will keep you motivated, empowered, accountable, and on task as you work toward your set goals. This format will work best for those who want focused, bespoke, and individualised assistance.


Workshops & Group Coaching

on & offline | local & international

Workshops and group coaching sessions can allow you to see that there are also others going through the same or very similar obstacles—be it personal or professional. Too often we’re tempted to keep our struggles to ourselves, because we believe that we’re the only ones feeling this way. However, by sharing our experiences and challenges openly in a judgement-free space, we often find solidarity, comfort, and community.

I also acknowledge and appreciate that group settings promote collaboration, and I believe that workshop collaboration in particular—can be very useful as you embark on your journey of self-discovery and growth. It’s a wonderful way to get different perspectives and even arrive at a solution.

Just like coaching itself, workshops provide you with an objective lens through which you can see yourself. You can bounce ideas around with others and hopefully get some practical tips on how to move forward and pull yourself out of your rut. Through shared experiences, attendees can help each other grow and flourish, and I see this result in each and every workshop and group coaching session I host!



on & offline | local & international

I truly believe that speaking is one of the most powerful ways to connect with people, and I’ve had the pleasure of delivering transformative talks on many platforms globally. If you want to inspire, empower, and activate your audience—get in touch with me!

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